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In use

  1. Template:!
  2. Template:Album: main template for albums on the artist pages
  3. Template:AlbumPage: main template for a stand-alone album page
  4. Template:AlbumTrack: used by the Album and the AlbumPage templates
  5. Template:AmNum: converts roman numerals to amharic/ge'ez numbers
  6. Template:Anchor
  7. Template:Artist
  8. Template:Artist2
  9. Template:Biography
  10. Template:Church: displays information about a single church
  11. Template:ChurchList: displays individual church name and address on the Church page
  12. Template:Classic: main template for lyrics of old/classic songs
  13. Template:Clear
  14. Template:CollectionLyrics: main template for lyrics from collection albums
  15. Template:CollectionPage: main template for a stand-alone collection album page
  16. Template:CollectionTrack: used by the CollectionPage template
  17. Template:Commentary
  18. Template:Contact: Displays contact information
  19. Template:Deleteme: flag a page/file for deletion by site administrator
  20. Template:File
  21. Template:Green -changing text to green
  22. Template:Info
  23. Template:Instrumentals
  24. Template:Lyrics: main template for lyrics from albums
  25. Template:LyricsDual:
  26. Template:Missing: indicates the position of the word/s missing for easy reference
  27. Template:MusicNote: a music (eight) note picture to indicate the audio song is available
  28. Template:New: indicates that a lyrics is new, added to the website recently
  29. Template:News: not in use
  30. Template:NewsAlbum: used in News to announce newly released albums
  31. Template:NewsConcert:used in News to announce upcoming concerts
  32. Template:NoWrap
  33. Template:RefList: displays the reference list at the bottom of a page. Used by the Lyrics template.
  34. Template:ReviewNeeded
  35. Template:SaleItem: displays albums that can be bought online on the Store page.
  36. Template:Single: main template to list single songs on the artist pages
  37. Template:SingleLyrics
  38. Template:SinglePage: main template for a stand-alone page containing the single songs released by the artist
  39. Template:SingleTrack: used by the Single and the SinglePage templates
  40. Template:SlideAlbum: used on the hope page to display album pictures with links
  41. Template:Stream: displays information about live stream of church services.
  42. Template:Subpages
  43. Template:Title
  44. Template:Quote - for the bible text
  45. Template:VerseNumber - for the bible verse numbering
  46. Template:UnderConstruction
  47. Template:Video

  1. Template:Practice
  2. Template:Practice2


  1. Template:Song


  1. Template:Albumpage - DELETED. Do NOT create!
    works but not in use. Adds listing of albums on album pages, need to differentiate template used for albums on artist and album pages first
    also need to add a way to display title on album pages properly, right now its being done manually
  2. Template:VersionTabs - not working well
  3. Template:* - not working well
  4. Template:ClassicTigrinya
  5. Template:ClassicOromiffa
  6. Template:BibleChapter
  7. Template:ChurchMap: popup info for churches on a map
  8. Template:CopyrightPermission
  9. Template:Categories
  10. Template:ClassicsInfobox
  11. Template:AlbumPageInfobox


  1. adding templates for albums in order to allow single editing of information for entire albums

Special Pages for Semantic Forms

  1. Special:BrowseData
  2. Special:CreateFilter
  3. Special:CreateForm
  4. Special:CreateTemplate
  5. Special:CreateProperty
  6. Special:CreateCategory
  7. Special:CreateClass
  8. Special:Filters
  9. Special:Forms
  10. Special:Templates
  11. Special:FormEdit
  12. Special:FormStart
  13. Special:Properties
  14. Special:Properties - Page
  15. Special:RunQuery
  16. Special:UploadWindow