Holy Ghost Fireማ (Holy Ghost Fire) - በረከት ተስፋዬ

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በረከት ተስፋዬ
(Bereket Tesfaye)

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ዓ.ም. (Year): ፳ ፻ ፰ (2016)
ቁጥር (Track):

፲ ፫ (13)

ርዝመት (Len.): 4:39
ሌሎች ፡ የአልበሙ ፡ መዝሙሮች
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የበረከት ተስፋዬ ፡ አልበሞች
(Albums by Bereket Tesfaye)

Spirit of Life ooh the Sprit of Life
The Breath of GOD ooh the Breath of GOD

Alpha & Omega
The self-existing One
From everlasting to everlasting
Your Kingdom remains ooh You rule and reign

And every breath every tongue
Shall glorify Your holy name
Creation bows to You renown
In awe of Your majestic fame

When I worship the Mighty GOD
When I mention His wonderful name
When I worship JESUS CHRIST
When I mention his wonderful name from my heart

Holy Spirit moved like a fire /x4/

Consume my heart; set me apart
Empower me to rise again
The old is gone; behold I'm new
The righteousness of JESUS CHRIST

Fire /x2/ Holy Ghost fire /x2/
Fire /x2/ Holy Ghost fire /x2/

When I lift up His glorious name
When I declare His powerful name
All my problems melt away; turn my night into day
His presence hear to stay; never to leave my side, He came forever

Holy Spirit move like a fire /x2/